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More than just an author and escort, Amanda’s advocacy spans the worldwide media crossing all genres. A glimpse at her media presentations are below with a full listing available upon request. (Links open in a new window)

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Activist Involvement



  • Co-presenter with Candice Seppa-Arroyo at the 2009 Prostitution, Sex Work, and Human Trafficking Conference (Toledo, OH) on Employment Law Violations and Human Rights Violations in a Legal Nevada Brothel
  • Presented on violence against sex workers at the 2009 Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence conference in Las Vegas
  • Co-presenter with Susan Lopez at the 2008 Unifying Healthcare and Education Conference (AMSA/Las Vegas) on Sex Worker Health
  • Presentation on sex work for Duke University — 10/08
  • Presented at the 2010 Desiree Alliance ConferencePolice Treatment of Arrested Sex Workers and the Law; Panel: Safety for Sex Workers through Personal Privacy: Digital and Real-World Techniques for Safeguarding Your Identity and Your Life (the abstracts)
  • Presented at the 2008 Desiree Alliance ConferenceSafety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy — Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Working and Living Out of Harm’s Way (the abstracts)
  • Presented at the 2007 Desiree Alliance ConferenceFundamental Safety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy — Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Being “Hidden” from Clients and Stalkers; Dating a Client and Retiring for Love — One Escort’s Journey Through a Minefield!; Is the Internet a Boon to Sex Workers? — Pros and Cons of How the Internet Has Changed Prostitution (the abstracts)

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Amanda Brooks is an American escort, author, advocate.
DOB: 10/01/1975