Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible!

Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible!

Considering Escort Work?

Amanda Brooks

People often ask me how to become an escort. There is no one simple answer. What I offer in my series are options and a safe, sane approach to escort work. These books aren't how-to guides. Nor are they "make lots of money as an escort!" schemes. This series is loaded with practical information used by real escorts from around the world so you can approach high-end escort work safely and sanely.

Whether you're a newbie or a current escort, these books are loaded with information to enable you to make informed, personal choices and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. If you're a client or hobbyist, these books provide a deeper understanding of escorts (which they like) and help you find a better match (which you'll like).

The Notebook: A Business Blog for Escorts

The Notebook is a business blog for escorts. Consider it a free companion to The Internet Escort’s Handbook series. News, updates, announcements about the books are posted here. You’ll also enjoy informative articles written by an escort (me!) for escorts (you!). I cover a variety of topics, from free online advertising opportunities to knowing your rights as an escort.